Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is our reason for being. It summarizes what we are about, why we exist, and why we do the things we do. At Grindstone we continually come back to our mission in order to ensure we’re aligned to Jesus’ call on our lives.

The mission of Grindstone is to…

  • Love and honour God
    Mark 12:29-30
  • Love and respect people
    Mark 12:31
  • Produce mature, multiplying disciples of Christ
    Matthew 28:18-20


We have big hopes and dreams about what kind of community we want to become and what kind of impact we want to have. Our vision statement is our best attempt to express what we believe God is calling us to be as a church as we seek to follow Him faithfully.

Our vision is for Grindstone to be a church of people…

  • Focused on God and His Kingdom
    Matthew 6:33
  • Who have significant relationships with the local & global community
    Acts 1:8
  • Fully engaged in the discipleship process
    Philippians 3:8-14


Our mission is the “big picture” of what we’re chasing as a community. Our vision tries to communicate the particular shape our community’s expression of that mission will take. Our values are the ground-level habits and practices that we believe have to be in place in order for us to fulfill our vision and stay faithful to our mission.

At Grindstone, the process of discovering our values was community driven. That means that instead of having the leadership identify our values, we invited our community—and particularly our Partners—to speak into the process and help us identify what’s important to us and what habits need to take root in our lives as we pursue God’s best for Grindstone. After much dialogue and prayer, our staff and Elders then articulated the dominant values of our community. The result was the following:

We value teaching, understanding and applying the biblical narrative in order to find our place in God’s unfolding story.

In a culture of misrepresentation, we value a biblically informed understanding of who Jesus is and what discipleship to him entails.

We value the sense of belonging that comes from choosing to do life together, sharing in the beautiful mess of genuine relationships.

We value a comprehensive, holistic Christian lifestyle that encourages every square inch of our lives to embody the reality of God’s transforming power.

We value looking at doing things in creative ways and fostering courageous exploration of what it means to make disciples in our context.

We value a culture where individuals are empowered to get involved in meaningful ways that contribute to the fulfillment of our mission.

We value each person sharing in the responsibilities of community and mission.

We value participating in God’s rescue mission to restore all that is broken by becoming a conduit for justice, mercy and love.


As part of the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada (AGC), Grindstone is an evangelical, Gospel-centred church that teaches and upholds the articles of faith and practice outlined by the AGC.

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