We realize there are lots of great churches that share similar beliefs and values with us. However, Grindstone has certain distinctives in terms of how we see those beliefs and values lived out as a church. Here is a list of a few key distinctives give Grindstone its unique “flavour.” 

1. We don't have a church building

As a church we’ve always found ourselves in a position to rent space, and while we wouldn’t be against owning our own building, we’ve made our first priority of focus the question, “how do we best minister to this community?” Up to this point in our history, the answer to this question has been to join with community groups and rent their space.

2. We operate with a "simple church" philosophy

We believe in doing a few things well. That means we try to avoid running something every night of the week. We want to create space for people to meaningfully participate within Grindstone, without that participation taking away from their other callings to be a friend, spouse, parent, employee, etc.

3. We take financial stewardship very seriously

For us, that means providing a detailed budget to Partners and anyone interested. It also means creating space for our Partners to participate in budget discussions. We want to be as financially transparent as possible.

4. We have a discipleship model that informs all we do as a church

We have a discipleship model that informs all we do as a church. Our discipleship model is built on Jesus’ command to love God, love others, and make disciples (Matthew 22:36-40; Matthew 28:16-20). We use it to help our church grow into maturity in Christ by stretching ourselves to grow in each of these areas:

Heart: Loving God and neighbour by developing godly relationships and genuine Christian community.

Soul: Loving God and neighbour by deepening our engagement with prayer, worship, and soul work.

Mind: Loving God and neighbour by deepening our understanding and application of God’s Word to all areas of life.

Strength: Loving God and neighbour by growing in our commitment to practically serve others and give towards God’s kingdom faithfully and enthusiastically.

5. We believe in “Living Lives of Mission”

We believe that mission isn’t primarily a project or event, but a lifestyle we participate in. We want to encourage people to live out God’s mission in their families, schools, workplaces, etc. We believe strongly that every Christian has a calling into God’s mission, and our church continually encourages people to live that calling out locally and globally.